About the Sphynx Cat Blog

Write about what you are passionate about they say, and so it is I am passionate about the Sphynx Cat breed.

My name is Vlad and I own Sphynx Cat!

Slad and Sonya

Sphynx cat Sonya has her hairless cat live chronicled on this blog as well as hints, tips and information about the breed, how to make clothes for hairless cats, also you can find free printable cat clothes patterns and much more.

I take a lot of the photos on the blog and own the copyright. If you wish to reproduce a picture please send me an email ( admin at sphynxcatblog dot com) asking permission first.

Sphynx cat Sonya

Sonya 3 month pink and female, she likes warmth, being up high, being chased around the house, running after her toys, looking out of the window, sleeping on her humans.