My Sphynx Cats Just Mated How Long Till Kittens Are Born?

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How Long Till Sphynx Kittens Are Born

This Sphynx cat question floored me a little because the asker seems to be breeding without understanding anything about the whole breeding process of cats. I am hoping that it was asked by a curious child member of the family and there is a responsible adult who knows what is going on.

My Sphynx Cats Just Mated How Long Till Kittens Are Born ?

Sphynx cats, like all cats will be pregnant for somewhere between 60-70 days, with 63-65 the average. As the egg is fertilised 4-5 days after ovulation, exact dating is difficult. In cats ovulation is prompted by the male spiked penis “scratching” the vagina of the female cat. Because of this the first mating will not result in kittens, but subsequent matings will fertilise eggs released after that first mating.

Female cats are able to breed before their first birthday and so should be desexed at around 12 weeks unless she is going into a planned breeding program.

The first sign of pregnancy (apart from the heat cycle stopping) is at around 3 weeks when the nipples of the female will swell and become a rosier colour, often called “pinking”. Your cat may have symptoms of morning sickness which is more noticeable in Sphynxes because of their indoor habitat, and so may vomit several times in the first week or so of pregnancy. Food intake will increase and a good quality balanced cat diet should be fed to her.

Your Sphynx Queen’s belly will swell and at rest, you may see the kittens moving inside of her at the end of the pregnancy.

Close to birthing time make sure you watch your Sphynx to see where she is planning to “nest”. Expert breeders will have a breeding box/room/area set aside to ensure the Queen is not disturbed while giving birth and the important bonding days just after birth. Do not handle the kittens too much after birth (even though you may be tempted) as this can distress the Queen and cause her to kill and eat her offspring.

Good luck !

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