Sphynx Cat Shampoo for oily or dry skin

Vlad and Sphynx Sonya by Vlad | Last Updated: December 14, 2020

Sphynx Cat Shampoo for oily or dry skin

I have been looking for months for a good Sphynx cat shampoo that would work for Sphynx cat Sonya who has dry skin. 3 months ago I was watching a TV show on the benefits of Emu oil and how it is good for the skin and for arthritis and other ailments and then they started talking about how good it is for pet skin as well. Naturally my ears perked up and I decided to try some out.

One of the big problems with supposedly “Sphynx shampoos” out there is they are made with harsh chemicals (and in far off places like China where you can never be sure what they REALLY put in it). It’s scary to think what it is actually doing to your Sphynx’s skin. Using human shampoo is just as bad as that is designed for PH levels different to our Sphynx’s skin. This shampoo is made in Australia where has stringent consumer laws about ingredients and also the best Emu oil in the world.

Emu Oil Pet Shampoo has the wonderful property of being able to clean oily skin as well as soothing and moisturising dry skin. Sonya is the cat, with soft supple skin, and I swear she stays cleaner, longer.

The shampoo isn’t mixed with scents (which you and your animals can be allergic too, and they upset animal skin) so it doesn’t smell like human shampoo, but it has no lingering smell either. It is very natural, and soothing. Also, the shampoo goes a looooong way, I am still on my first bottle from 3 months ago, you really only need a smidgen, so the value cannot be beat.