Sphynx Cats: Hairless Means Careless

Vlad and Sphynx Sonya by Vlad | Last Updated: December 14, 2020

Sphynx Cat Sonya with toys

One of the BIGGEST Sphynx cat myths is the belief that a lack of hair means that all that pesky care that comes with hair is gone and so there is nothing much you need to do for your Sphynx. Wrong! Sphynx cats have their own set of grooming needs that are important for the health and well being on your Sphynx.

Bathing You must wash your Sphynx thoroughly around once a week (depending on your cat’s skin type). This is to remove the build up of natural skin oils that will pick up dust and dirt. Also the brown marks that will appear on the nose if your Sphynx has the sniffles. Sonya also manages to get some food crud in the corners of her mouth that needs a good face washing at bath time.

Hygene You must clean the claws of your Sphynx at least once a week to prevent the build up of brown waxy gunk under the nail bed.

Cat those nails regularly once a week too, Sphynxes can scratch themselves very badly when the instinct to scratch is there, but the protective fur isn’t.

You must clean the build up of oils, wax and dirt from your Sphynx ears once a week (or as needed depending on how waxy your Sphynx gets).

Loose stools can mean dirty bottoms, clean ASAP to prevent staph infections or nasty marks on the furniture!

No eye lashes can mean eye crud, make sure you are prepared to wipe your Sphynx’s eyes should they have a goober.

All in all your Sphynx will require this kind of care all of its life and it is a large commitment to make if you wish to own one. I can say though, it is totally worth it. As a dedicated parent you won’t mind spending this time making your Sphynx clean. Your Sphynx will appreciate it too…maybe not at the time.

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