White (Sphynx) Cats Can’t Jump

Vlad and Sphynx Sonya by Vlad | Last Updated: December 14, 2020

Sphynx Cats  Can not Jump

Sphynx Cat Sonya has a funny trait. Well actually she has a couple of funny traits, but one of them is she never learned how to jump.

It all started when Sonya was delivered to our house. She was small, cute, bright, bubbly, hungry and grooming herself. Being the first hairless cat child in the house, she also was terribly spoiled. So spoiled that she hardly ever was on the ground if there was a human about.

She’s an incredibly smart girl and realised that all this carrying around meant she only had to put her arms out and she would be placed on the high point she wanted to get to. Her favourite place was the top of the computer monitors and she would con her skin person owner into putting her there while he played computer games and other fun stuff.

The months went by and we noticed that Sonya preferred not to jump anywhere if she could help it. Long distance jumps were out of the question, and shorter ones were undertaken after minutes of study, with false starts and wiggling. If she wanted to get up high, she would reach up the nearest skin person’s leg and ask for a pick-up. Just like a toddler.

She is not very co-ordinated at all come to think about it.

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